Cooking Classes

Come join us for a “Hands-On” gourmet cooking class…

An occasion to team-up with Internationally acclaimed Executive Chef Mauro Canaglia, where you REALLY learn the tricks of the trade! Each class lasts approximately 3 hours including the tasting of each creation with pairing of wines!

Our courses are Hands-On workshops where YOU prepare each gourmet recipe in our restaurants’ kitchen, under the watchful eye of Chef Mauro. The participation fee includes: the hands-on cooking course, individual recipe booklet, sit down meal with wine and of course, all food and utencils needed to successfully complete each gourmet recipe.

Our goal isn’t to turn you into a professional chef. We want to help you be a confident cook, because confident cooks make happy hosts and happy hosts give great parties.

So, relax. Because everybody loves a party, and home cooked food always makes an occasion special.

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