Our philosophy

We are Mauro and Bari Canaglia, an Italian-American couple that, since 1995, has been running with great passion and dedication Trattoria all’Angelo. Our restaurant, surrounded by the nature of Monte Summano, aims to offer you a sensory and taste journey whose basis are: originality, freshness and environmental care.

We have always been choosing for you every single ingredient  with extreme care, trying to highlight as much as possible its taste and essence. For this reason, we produce on our own the highest amount of products, in order to ensure that all the vegetables, fruits, species and seasonings are completely fresh and healthy. Our menu respects the rhythm of mother nature and will provide only seasonal and hand-raised ingredients.

Our Trattoria also gives its contribution to the battle against waste. In the kitchen, Chef Mauro tries to avoid as much as possible the production of excessive quantities, in order to reduce the possibility that something is thrown away. After every meal, at the restaurant, particular attention is given to the recycling, with the result of helping the environment.

In the last years the vegan life style has taken a central role in our restaurant. In fact, we are strongly convinced that tasty but natural food is the key for a healthy life; for this reason, some of our efforts aim at offering you totally  vegan dishes, with animal non-derived products, proving that eating vegan food can be much more than monotonous and boring. Our kitchen will prepare for you light ingredients, where olive oil is the first choice and butter and cream are not used in seasonings.

Also all the varieties of bread, pasta and desserts are home-made, adding to our dishes the flavor of Italian tradition that never gets old.

Tradition does not exclude originality though: since many years, we try to propose combinations that, although uncommon, aim to create a harmonious composition that highlights the taste of every single ingredient, which allows to live a sensorial experience that goes over a simple meal. For this reason, if you wish something enjoyable but out of classic, we provide marmalades and digestives of our production, that you can easily buy and consume in the comfort of your home.

We are able to satisfy any desire as concerns food intolerance or particular diets: upon request, we can create a special dish for every need, pleasing all our guests, without any exclusion.