Cooking Classes

Come join us for a cooking class this month!
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An occasion to team up with Internationally acclaimed Executive Chef Mauro Canaglia, where you will learn the tricks of the trade!  Each guest is provided with their own recipe booklet to follow in detail the preparation of each dish, continued with the tasting of each recipe and wine pairings. Duration lasts approximately 3 hours.

All Cooking Classes are Hands-on workshops, where each partecipant, wearing a personalized apron, prepares gourmet specialties in our restaurants kitchen under the watchful eye of chef Mauro.

Throughout each course participants have the opportunity to ask questions and get explanations on individual recipes during preparation.  Needless to say that at “All’Angelo” authenticity and creativity go hand in hand.  Those who attend these classes taught by the Schio born chef, bring home a wealth of knowledge and unforgetable flavors.


The participation fee for each regular course is €60 which includes: the course, recipe booklet and sit down tasting with beverages.  Special Cooking Classes, like our Truffle Hunts are €75
All courses can be purchased individually.


The workshops can also be utilized for Team Building by companies with the objective of developing a team relationship between co-workers.  A fun way, out of the office, to strengthen relationships between colleagues while wearing an apron and creating gourmet specialties.

With a minimum of 8 people, we can organize a private course, for any of the following classes, any available day of the week, for lunch or dinner.


For more information / reservations contact:
Mauro or Bari   tel: 0445 651181


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